Bringing Small Business Training to Your Tribal Community


Bringing Small Business Training to Your Tribal Community

RedWind has partnered with the SBA's Office of Native American Affairs to provide entrepreneurial trainings for Native Americans. 

Our training provides Native Americans the knowledge, resources and inspiration to successfully launch their small businesses and grow established enterprises.

The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop covers business concepts indispensable for anyone starting up or running a small business. Instructors identify and help participants avoid common pitfalls. The training provides comprehensive information on topics important to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners related to business planning, access to capital, basic bookkeeping, human resources, problem-solving and marketing a small business.

For any student who attended an empowerment workshop, we offer follow-up technical assistance. Any question about workshop material or assistance needed to start up or manage a small business will be provided by our staff. All follow-up assistance is free.

For students of past workshops, you can access our resources web page and find additional support. Hope to see you achieving your small business dream.